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NB Engineering has many years of experience in test software development for it's custom test equipment. These sophisticated software solutions go well beyond simple pass/fail testing by providing in-depth data analysis, diagnostics, quality control, data archiving, and test reporting capabilities. National Instruments LabVIEW™, a leader in graphical programming for test, measurement, and control applications, is widely utilized in our systems and is written by a LabVIEW™ Certified Associate Developer. NB Engineering has developed an extensive library of varying functions that may be reused resulting in a reliable system with minimal development time.

NB Engineering's years of experience has resulted in the development of the NB Engineering Test Director test control software utility. The Test Director provides an easy-to-use operator interface into the test system directing all aspects of product test. One common interface gives you access to testing all of your products. The Test Director is designed to be highly tailorable to your specific needs. The Test Director features include: