Circuit Board Design and Layout
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Mechanical Design - Packaging
NB Engineering specializes in Mechanical Packaging Design for aerospace and military applications; designs that pass Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) including vibration and thermal cycling.

Product Design
· Transform concepts into 3-D parametric solid models
· Convert your ideas into fully functional products
· Thermal & vibration analysis ensure robust design
· CCA design per MIL-STD-275 and MIL-P-55110
· Update and validate designs prior to fabrication
· Greatly reduce product design cycle time
· Determine cost effective manufacturing methods
· Rapid prototyping available

3-D CAD Modeling
· Complete virtual representation of the final product
· Verify form, fit, and function prior to fabrication
- Reduce/eliminate costly downstream design changes
- Product to market in a timely, cost-effective manner

2-D CAD Drawings
· Create 2-D engineering drawings from the 3-D model
· Generate mechanical drawings per ANSI Y14.5

Circuit Board Design and Layout
· Schematic Capture
· Single sided, Double sided and Multiple layer boards
· Mixed components - through-hole and surface mount
· Prototype Procurement and assembly

3D Modeling
Rapid Prototyping